Read Instructions below

Get Upload Action:

To upload files on MFM, you need action URL. this API will help you to give this information.

  • API address: https://multifilemirror.com/getserver
  • Response (json): { "server_url": "https://up1.multifilemirror.com/cgi-bin/upload.cgi?upload_id=157743917412674043" }
  • server_url : You have to post the files to this url that you got back in response.

  • Upload Example :

    curl -F "apikey=XXXXXX" -F "site=2886" -F "file0=file.txt" https://up1.multifilemirror.com/cgi-bin/upload.cgi?upload_id=157743917412674043

    Variables are explained below :

  • apikey : Optional, You can get it from my account page.
  • site : Site ID Optional, You can get it from here.

  • If you don't provide "site" variable it will by default use MFM preselected hosts from your account. And if there are not any selected hosts in your account it will use MFM default hosts. To get hosts from your account it require "apikey" variable.

  • file0 : File you want to upload. Remember its file0 not file.

    URL Api Example

    If you want add some urls to queue for download you have to call url like the following


    YourAPIKEY => You can get this on your myaccount page.
    DOWNLOADURL => Remote FIle URL/ Supported URL leech site URL
    SITEPREFIXES => You can get this on your myaccount page. Example zp,pc for zippyshare and pcloud.

    To add file for upload to selected sites you should use site prefixes in parameter 'sites'. You may find these prefixes in your account page near the site domain

    Linux Shell Script

    # APIKEY
    # File to upload
    SERVER=$(curl -s "https://multifilemirror.com/getserver" | grep -Pom 1 '"server_url": "\K[^"]*')
    #echo $SERVER
    RESPONSE=$(curl -F file0="@$FILE" -F apikey=$APIKEY "$SERVER" | grep -Pom 1 '"code": "\K[^"]*')
    echo https://multifilemirror.com/$RESPONSE


  • Use APIKEY to upload files to your account.
  • Copy above code and save as upload.sh
  • Make file executable : chmod +x upload.sh
  • Upload your file : ./upload.sh PATH_TO_FILE
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