Yandex Oauth Code Geneator

Use this page to generate your Yandex OAuth code. Use that code to generate the authorization token which you will later add to your account page. Note: OAuth codes are only valid for 10 mins

Visit this page to create your app. Be sure to allow access to Webdisk REST API

Callback URL for your app should be :

Once created your APP, Type your Yandex Client ID and Email below.

Enter the code your received after following above procedure, client ID and client secret below.

*We don't store any information entered on this page.

After completing above steps you will receive JSON respone. Copy your AUTH token and add that to MFM account page in format :

example : mfm:nzotztlxquqksmbyogfunzotztlxquqksmbyogfu

Make sure that FOLDER already exist on your drive.
*Foldername is case sensitive